Private Land Conservation

child and barn
photo: Keith Fialcowitz

"These are people who voluntarily decide to create a legacy by conserving a heritage."

Bitterroot Valley Vista
photo: Keith Fialcowitz

If you own land and would like to see it protected, the Bitter Root Land Trust can tailor a conservation easement to meet your needs. We have several publications that discuss easements and conservation techniques. All inquiries will be kept strictly confidential.

The Bitter Root Land Trust assists property owners with the conservation and protection of their land in a variety of ways.  Conservation easements can provide income tax benefits for landowners.  Conservation easements and land donation are among the most important tools and landowners who consider them may also qualify for financial assistance from private, federal and state conservation programs or from a county open lands program. Similarly, private, federal and state funds may be available for stewardship projects on protected lands. Land protection, however, always begins with an individual landowner or a landowning family, concerned about what will happen to the property in the future. These are people who voluntarily decide to create a legacy by conserving a heritage. Without such landowners and their love for their property, private land conservation would not occur.